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I strongly believe there is a space with which our subconscious is permanently connected, from where all of humanity’s myths emanate and where they return after they fall in oblivion. Growing from ancestral archetypes born in the dreams of the shamans who guided us trough the glaciers of the last ice age, the myth images enters the course of history when there presence is needed, they reshape us at our deepest level, they are transformed in return inside the crucible of human imagination, just to fall back finally in the myth-space when become too self-important to be able to see the magic of the world.

I strongly believe that there are people and human activities that resonate with the myth-space, people whom the myth images are talking to in long forgotten or never spoken languages, with the desire to touch our collective soul and to bring him back the spark of magic that his yearning after, spark that will provide us that tipe of healling that we won’t find in scientific handbooks and tractates.

I strongly believe that the artist – regardless of his way of expression – is the soul healing shaman of our age.

The myth images are frequently laying over my canvases, they come towards you trough my brush and sometimes they are crying in the middle of the night when they fail to deliver their message. So I will try farther to offer them my pencil so they can tell you their story the way I hear it.

Angela Szabo


Memoria Luminii
Prima Venus
Intelepciunea Pamantului
Oceanul dintre lumi
Fruit (in exhibition)
Coliboaia - The Dawns of Art (available)
The Memory of the Light (available)
The First Venus (available) The Wisdom of Earth (available) Reflections The Ocean between the Worlds
Visand la Coliboaia
Anima Mundi
Carpe Diem
Furand un strop din curcubeu
Samsara - Lumea ca o iluzie pe scena timpului
Navigand pe marea pasiunii
Dreaming of Coliboaia Anima Mundi (available) Carpe Diem (available in gallery) Honeymoon (available in gallery) Stealing a Drop from the Rainbow Samsara (available) Sailing on the Sea of Passsion (available)

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